I find solace in the mountains.
Reality stays grounded as I climb,
I am quite fond of looking down upon it.

I find solace in the trees.
The pristine Pine laced with snow.
The Willow with her withered branches.
The Palm, leaves fanning in the breeze.
The ancient Sequoia’s tenacious trunk.

I find solace in the ocean.
As waves crash, sorrow is washed away,
Lost among the deep abyss.

I find solace in the plains,
Where eyes can see for miles.
Patches of rich brown,
Emerald green,
And sun-kissed wheat fields.

I find solace in the clouds.
In blue skies and grey.
I welcome the renewing rain.

I find solace in the fresh, crisp air.
It tickles my skin,
Fuels my lungs,
Plays with my hair.

And so, I find solace.


It is really hard for me to put into perfect words how easing Mother Nature is, but I tried. Perfect? No. That is what I love about poetry. Is there such thing as perfect, right or wrong? I don’t think so.

This piece is important to me because it is what I named this online community after. I wrote this poem recently, and on the same day I decided to start my poetry blog. What was my inspiration? I was seeking comfort and starting writing about the things that make me calm: hiking in the mountains, walking on the beach, looking up and around at the trees and flowers, driving on country roads, sitting outside and feeling the breeze on my back. Just thinking about all of that puts my mind at ease.

I have been going on a lot of walks, runs, hikes and drives lately. Filling my days with as much of the outdoors as I can. This past week I have been walking or running to a nearby reservoir with my dog pretty much everyday, where I always stop at some point to sit on the concrete dam wall (pictured below) and stare into the mountains and clouds. I slow my breath, lay back and think of how awesome it is to be in that moment and not anywhere else. A true escape from anything else. The backdrop is like a painting to me. Some days vibrant, other days dark and grey. I find beauty in both.

It is important to seek comfort and escape when needed.

Where do you find solace?

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