Nature and Poetry Enthusiast
Founder: Outside Solace Poetry

Hi there! My name is Sarah and I started Outside Solace as a community for writers. I find peace in writing, and am particularly inspired by the great outdoors. The world has so much beauty to offer! Outside Solace is the name of one of my poems, which I wrote on the day I was inspired to create this page and start something new.

My goal is not to write about me, but to raise questions and express emotion through poetry. This is a space for writers and poets who can partake and add on to a framework or past piece. I am open to other partners and contributors to this page, as well. If you are interested give me a shout!

I want to share and give credit to others who enjoy writing as much as I do. Please share!

Visit our contact page and exchange thoughts, ideas and work. If you enjoy the pieces shared on this site, be sure to subscribe to our poetry blog via e-mail to stay up to date!

I hope you enjoy. XX, Sarah

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